crf250r problems

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    2006 crf250r wont start after installing the throttle

    Hello yall backstory here i traded my 1996 cr125 for my current 2006 crf250r. The bike had low compression and the shims where off spec so i decided to do a top and bottom end rebuild installing Wiesco piston,WIesco rings,Stage 2 cam,hot rod crank,Boysen clutch etc all the good stuff a bike...
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    CRF250R has Intermittent spark

    Hi, i have just rebuild my 2005 CRF250R. I got it all back together and now I have no spark. I didn’t mess with anything electrical during the rebuild so I’m confused why it doesn’t have any spark. I checked the stator, the ignition coil, spark plug and all grounds and connections,they were all...
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    08 crf250r

    Needing some direction. The 2008 crf250r has been to three machanics and the local Honda shop. Can not figure out why it is hard to crank. The valves has been checked four different times, all CDI has been replaced, have run a leak down test, compression is 8 higher then normal, stator...
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