08 crf250r

Sep 3, 2018
Needing some direction. The 2008 crf250r has been to three machanics and the local Honda shop. Can not figure out why it is hard to crank. The valves has been checked four different times, all CDI has been replaced, have run a leak down test, compression is 8 higher then normal, stator been checked, completely rebuilt the carb on and also even put another complete carb on. A few other small things has been done. Have even pulled cylinder and head to inspect and it good as new. You can push it off and it will crank but it is hit and miss if it will kick start. when it is running it is not running consistent like it is the carb. When running Sometimes when you barley crack the throddle it will stall and hesitate. When it is running everyone has said it is the strongest 250r they have been on. I am at the end of the road and almost to the point of parting it out. Any ideas? Maybe someone out there can help.
Dec 31, 1969
Check the jetting. Put everything back to stock if it's not already, that's a good starting point. If it's hesitating/stalling off idle, check the pilot, clean it/blow it out. Does it respond better at more than about half throttle? What altitude are you riding at? Is it possible the air filter is over oiled?

Running the stock exhaust? If not, what does the exhaust manufacturer suggest (jetting)? What fuel are you running?