1. KX250F Knocking

    KX250F Knocking

    Kawasaki kx250f changed chain and tensioner only. Making knocking sound any thoughts
  2. Logan33

    Help Oil Leak Issue - KX250F

    So I have a 2005 Kawasaki KX 250F. Its got 30 hours on the top. Previous owner did the top end build. Bike has been running greats so far. Took her through some mud and water. Still ran for about 30mins. Stalled out on an unexpected turn. (my own fault there with the clutch, I'm a newer rider)...
  3. F

    Glowing header pipe

    Yesterday I was riding my 2014 Kx250f and while I was riding in 3rd and 4th gear holding half throttle there was a lot of crackles and back fires so I put the bike away and noticed that my header pipe was glowing red so I turned my bike off and then a bunch of coolant leaked out. Any possible...
  4. enduro spike

    05 kx250f starting issues

    Im loosing my mind over this dumb bike 05 kx250f New top end Brand new head all new valves i have rebuilt the carb again rebuild kit for jets and gaskets plus ap rebuild new choke jets only jet i didnt replace was the power jet.(didnt come with one) it takes for ever to start and when it does as...
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