enduro spike

Jun 28, 2019
Im loosing my mind over this dumb bike
05 kx250f
New top end
Brand new head all new valves
i have rebuilt the carb again
rebuild kit for jets and gaskets plus ap rebuild
new choke jets only jet i didnt replace was the power jet.(didnt come with one)
it takes for ever to start and when it does as soon as i give it gas it dies
once i get it running i have to some how get it reved up to ride i take it out runs ok back fires alot
it is in time. ik for sure the exhaust valves are in spec. not sure about the intake because my feeler gages dont go small enough.
when i do get it running it has some kind of vacume leak because it idles high and goes away when you hit the hotstart.
im so confused some one please help

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