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    Help! Yamaha won’t start

    I have a 1982 yamaha It175 that i’ve never seen run. I recently replaced the top end on it. It has spark, compression, fuel, and air. I cant think of anything else to check on it. I’ve sprayed gas directly into the cylinder and it shows no signs of life. However; sometimes when I’m trying to...
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    98 cr250r lost compression

    me and a buddy was out riding trails that are thick with sand and are also some decent dirt trails. I was riding a 98 CR250R Power Band. Granted I was giving it hell. Usually we would stop about every 30 minutes to give the bikes a rest because it's hell on them in the sand, plus it is tough...
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    My YZ250F 2003 wont start anymore

    Hey guys, so the other day i was riding my yz250f and it was all good until i tried to jump a log. after i jumped it i stalled it but didn't drop it and it didn't wanna kick start anymore. so me and my friends tried roll starting it then it sounded like it was running but had no power. we tried...
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