Jul 19, 2018
me and a buddy was out riding trails that are thick with sand and are also some decent dirt trails. I was riding a 98 CR250R Power Band. Granted I was giving it hell. Usually we would stop about every 30 minutes to give the bikes a rest because it's hell on them in the sand, plus it is tough riding in the sand so we need a break as well as the bikes. At this point it had been about an hour of straight high in 4th and 5th gear riding along a Sandy Lake Beach. I came to a spot where I was able to make laps around a body of water, not much bigger than a typical round MX track. I probably did about 10 laps around it, and whenever I was coming out of 4th gear I was going into a turn so I pulled the clutch, downshifted, and went to throttle out and then the bike made a weird noise and straight died. Tried kicking it but there was little to no compression, You can actually pull the kick rod down with your hand. We tried to push start it, pop the Clutch in gear and start it. It did turn over once but it died immediately, sounded flooded. We couldn't get it started again. I had to tow it out of the trails about a mile with my four wheeler, luckily we had a tow strap with us just in case something like that may happen.

before the bike was purchased it did have a new head put on it. the last whole month of owning and riding it, it has been a champ. Any ideas what could possibly be going on? I'm not an amateur Rider, but I do know nothing about the mechanics of the engine and drivetrain. Do I need to take the top half apart and check the piston and ring? I am mechanically savvy, I just never worked on bikes before that deep into an issue. I just need somebody to help me with possible failures before I start taking stuff apart. Thanks in advance for anyone that helps