1. Soldiernuke14

    1991 yz250

    So Im buying a 91 yz250, but it needs a power valve. Im having issues finding the valve itself so are there any years that are interchangeable or should I just keep looking?
  2. S

    2001 yz250 Revs HIGH when choke is off... Hard to kick start

    Very hard to kick start. Used to start right up, now takes a long time, lots of kicks. Once started it idles fine with the choke on, but revs HIGH when choke is off.. I've played around with the idle screw, but didn't make much difference. Thought maybe a possible air leak? But couldn't find...
  3. 2

    Help Vin number problems..

    I have an 84 yz250. i need the vin number to it and if anyone could decode it that would be amazing. i just don’t have the whole number. Guy before me put a grease fitting in so i’m missing 1-2 characters. help please. this is what i have AJY8A000FA003731
  4. S

    Help 1997 KTM 250sx - or - 1994 Yamaha 250yz ??

    Looking for advice, which bike would you recommend? Any experiences with either of these bikes? I'm in southern California, so will parts be an issue for either bike. Please help me out, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  5. T

    Can you run full synthetic oil in your fuel for older bikes?

    Hey guys, i recently bought a second hand 1999 WR250 2 Stroke (has YZ250 top end and WR250 bottom end) and i was wondering if i could run full synthetic oil in my fuel? it says in the Manuel that i should run YamaLube 2-R which is full synthetic and ive been running semi-synthetic. Really hope...
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