1. SoVeryKeri

    Is it normal for a dealership to have to rebuild a carburetor on a brand new 2023 YZ85 that I just bought?

    This past weekend we drove to a dealership 3 hours away to purchased a new 2023 YZ85LW for my son’s birthday. We wanted to surprise him so we decided to drive instead of paying over the phone & having it delivered. After 4 hours at the dealership, paperwork was completed & paid in full. Then...
  2. B

    Help Yz85 crankshaft hard to turn

    Hey!! I’m new to rebuilding motors so I may not know the correct terms..98% of what I know I learned from YouTube so please hang in there with me.. I’m currently stuck and searched for a week for the solution but I still came up short..I’m in the process of installing the clutch basket but...
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