Mar 13, 2003
Howdy all,

Just wondering if Kawasaki CDI units are interchangeable.

eg. When I bought this ****box for $400,
was horrified to find a CDI unit from a KX80A.
Although it has the same pin-outs and wire colour,
it's part number is printed as 21119-1007CU1189.
The correct number should be 21119-1066.

Obviously, this bike isn't going at the moment.
Sympton: no spark.

Have already acquired the correct stator assembly,
now searching for a flywheel rotor.
Will definitely changeover the ignition coil.
No ID/part number markings, so unsure of its origin.

Many thanks in advance. Oh, and bear with me in the coming weeks and months, there's more to come... :-)

Rob C...


Sep 13, 2003
Hi Rob,

not sure, but if the pins are the same and the first section of part number digits are the same, then chances are it will work - However, it will certainly give you a different power delivery......it sounds really interesting to try it and compare. You may just have found a cool upgrade !!

Our Man Flint

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