1997 Cr250 Triple Clamp Offset Help

Apr 12, 2016
I have a 1997 CR250 that I'm rebuilding from the ground up the frame is at the powder coater I'm upgrading the Plastics to the newer setup adding and airstriker carburetor with pulse injection rad valve Hinson clutch pivot pegz everything that boyseen makes. I'm basically rebuilding the bike 100% from a brand new Hot Rods crank 2 replacing every bearing or gear or anything that has any kind of wire in the motor I have a brand new jug from Honda stock bore never been installed just ordered a Wiseco piston ordered a brand new radiator I ordered new Springs and gold valves all the way around for my weight and riding ability. When I say rebuilding I mean I'm replacing every bearing that the bike has sprockets chain air filter C suspension handlebars throttle you name it it's getting replaced.
I want to start with a brand new 97 CR250 pro circuit pipe and silencer I even got that setup that makes the tires tubeless I'll see how that works I haven't decided on a tire yet a ride in the woods mostly sand a little bit of hard pack going to read the reviews on the tires I want to front tire that's going to Corner well.

So you basically get the idea everything is getting replaced I want the bike 100% new.

I'm looking to change the triple clamps and I want to know what your suggestion would be 4 Woods riding occasional track most of the time I'm in the trails whoop sections xcetera what would be the best degree for my triple clamps I've been riding for a long time I never had a bike where I actually set the suspension up for my weight never had anything with gold valves in it road bikes with the suspension setup and was amazed just never had the money so now I'm going all out so again the main question here all answers welcome what should I go with as far as the triple clamps I want the bike the corner well I'm six foot one 215 pounds please let me know want to get this ordered and put together asap. And just because I'm replacing everything doesn't mean I'm rich I was looking at the RG3 I was looking at the scar triple clamp but I'd like to know from you guys what your suggestion would be would like to try to stay in the $400 range if I can definitely don't want to use the stock setup everything on the bikes getting powder coated from the bottom of the fork tubes to the linkage underneath the suspension in the rear it's going to be a show bike but I'm going to ride it I shouldn't say so but that's kind of guy you know what I mean I wanted to look hot new set of rims black powder coat polish stainless spokes red anodized hubs going to powder coat the motor a different color than the frame the frame I went with a black the motor I'm a match the boyseen side covers and water pump setup. I apologize if my Punctuation is lacking I'm using talk to text any help would greatly be appreciated.
I'm going to run a 13 front sprocket 51 rear sprocket please let me know what you think sorry if I posted in the wrong spot I'm new to this internet forums
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