May 19, 2001
deff. go for it
i paid about 2500 for my 98 and that was in the spring ill have some b4 and after pics up soon. it was in ridable shape but had some flaws. i felt that i got a fair price. onlything to look for is check all the bolts that hold the shrouds to the tank. the little metal inner piece thatis imbedded in the tank tends to spin inside the tank and is irreplacible. only way to fix this is to replace the tank. you can tell that this means that the shrouds dont go on or off. this can cause some serious problems if you damage your shrouds. also check the right side of the subframe where it conects to the frame. the bolt that connects it to the main frame wears through the subframe mounting hole. check to make sure there is no play in the subframe. also check the wheel bearings in the rear.:silly:


Apr 26, 2004
I have a 1998 YZ125 that i paid 1,400 (but put 1,000 into it for suspension, bearings, etc) for and it is a great bike. If you are going to get it, you should take out the front and rear axles and grease them real good, and replace the bearings if needed, same with the swingarm pivot bolt and the linkage bolts. I am advising this becuase my rear axle was seized in the wheel and i had to chop it up to get it out. :bang:
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