Jul 20, 2001
Hey all, I'm fairly new to the forum and glad to be a part of something this big. Anyways, I have recently purchased a 1999 xr250. it is a very clean bike, in excellent condition. still on its originial tires. Anyways, I have a question about starting. Even when I use the decompression lever, the bike has a hard time starting. The problem is, whenever I kick the starter down, it wont release back up, it stays down there. After leaving my bike off today for about 20 mins, (i turned the gas off) and when i went to start it, it started first kick, no problem. I rode it for about 10 minutes, then shut it off again to get a drink from a stream. After two minutes, i went to start it bake up, no choke, no throttle, and it would not start. The decompression lever wouldnt help it either. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? PLEASE help me!!!

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