Dec 26, 2000
I am rejetting my 2000 kdx 200
and need some jetting recomendations
i have a pc pipe, and stock silencer
the silencer is leaking a very very large amount of black exhaust sludge from a bad weld right after the pipe to silencer junction due to a bad weld. the "spooge" is also plentiful on the silencer tip and every other part of the back of my bike. Should i re-weld this or buy a new pc-304? I also plan to modify the airbox cover by drilling as the experts suggestions, removal was way to loud, and adding Boyesen power reeds. the bike has stock jetting, except for the needle clip being leaned to the second notch from the top. i live on long island (sea level), the temp in the summer is in the 80's. I run 93 octane and am redoing the top end and cleaning the kips probably much needed by now.

getting to the point...
what jetting would the experts recomend?
what main and slow jets to buy for future mods? 150, 152, 155 mains and 40 42 and 45 slow? i was having some trouble using your recommendations JUSTKDX and converting them on the correction chart. every thing in that site and in these forums is very well done and helpful, the kdx loving community is one of the best is motorcycling. thank you all for your continuing help and support


May 17, 2000
I would start with the recommended setup from the JustKDX website.
155 main
45 pilot
needle clip #2
a/f screw adjusted for best throttle response

As you modify your bike and temps change you will need to rejet slightly to maintain top performance, I would buy the following jets:
main 155,152
pilot 45,42

The 155/45 setup works for most people but you should still do a plug chop just to be safe.

If your are low on cash then weld the silencer, it works pretty good and is quiet but just a little heavy.

HERE to see a modified airbox lid.

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