2007 YZ250F Won’t Start When Hot

Jun 7, 2019
I recently bought a 2007 YZ250F and ran it for a couple weeks with no problem. The guy I bought it from took good care of it and put a decent amount of money into aftermarket parts (FMF Exhaust, Hinson Clutch, etc). I had ridden it on a trail a few times, killed it a couple times, and it would start right up within 3-4 kicks. Then one time I killed it (when hot) and it wouldn’t start again. After letting it sit for about 20-30 minutes (and 40ish kicks), I got it to start again. I changed the air filter, oil, oil filter, and spark plug and checked coolant. I thought this fixed my problem, but it didn’t. If the bike sits for about an hour and cools off completely, it starts with no problem with 1-2 kicks, but absolutely refuses to start if hot. Me, not being a mechanic, have no idea what is wrong. Would rebuilding the carburetor help? Like I said, I have no idea. Any input is appreciated!