Nov 17, 2006
7 pounds more compared to the 07 model, EFI has its advantages and disadvantages, I think we need lighter technology for it still. Hopefully when Honda realeses there crf450r with the EFI it is more efficient than the suzuki's in terms of weight. Think its worth it, the extra 7 pounds for presice fuel/air mixture and easy tuning?

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Maybe the EFI does not add a full 7 lbs, but Suzuki is just being more honest about the weight this year.

Seriously, a 227 lb open class four stroke bike with EFI is nothing to be ashamed of.

Suzuki has to think of all the potential buyers, not just the rich, hard core pro-class MX guys who would happily pay an extra $1,000 - $2,000 for a slightly lighter bike

Besides adding cost, you should also realize that your obsession with weight could result in a bike that has decreased reliability, lower resale value and increased parts prices.

Exactly what affordable existing technology is Suzuki ignoring when they produce a 227 lb EFI 450cc thumper?

So where exactly do you think Suzuki can take the weight off without adding to the price?

You want a flimsy frame? You want smaller, thinner fork tubes? How about thinner gears in the tranny? Weaker rims and hubs? Smaller spokes? How about less oil capacity in the shock, forks and motor? Smaller radiators? Thinner brake discs? Smaller clutch with fewer plates?

Suzuki could probably save a couple of pounds if they did all of the above and got that bad boy down to a magazine and internet hot-shot approved weight of 220. Of course the re-sale value will be lousy because the bike will not hold up to trail riding or neglected maintenance.
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Aug 2, 2000
dirt bike dave said:
So where exactly do you think Suzuki can take the weight off without adding to the price?
speaking as one of those guys who weighs more than his bike, I think money would be better spent lightening me rather than the machine.

Suzuki could probably point at quite a few buyers and say the same thing about them.
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