Nov 5, 2023
I have a 2014 kx85, bike starts runs good right up until the powerband is supposed to kick in. It will bog and not stumble through it almost like it's to lean.

Things I have done:

Cleaned carburetor 7 times plus rebuilt it.
Tried stock jetting 135m 40p all the way up to a 150m 45p. No change. Tried every clip postion on each jetting change, nothing.

Cleaned power valve, took cover off to ensure its engaging and is set according to manual. That's fine.

Compression test at 90 psi. Bought a vertex top end kid rebuild it, cylinder had no scratches. Checked ring gap on multiple locations and was within spec according to manual. At 100psi now if I am lucky.

Performed a leak down test at 6psi loose all pressure within 2 minutes. Sprayed entire engine with soapy water cant find a leak or hear a leak. I have no idea what is going on.
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