Nov 14, 2000
I've been beating myself up over and over again. I've really super seriously looking at getting a 250 or 300 sized enduro bike. I have to say I got my '01 CR125 cause i was going to race MX on it but as it turns out (no surprize) i'm a much much better trail ridder. I'm kinda on the small side for a bigger bike power wise being 5'5" 135 with my gear on a 250 can throw me around. I have been ridding bikes since I was 4 (22 now) mainly nothing but trails. I have some experience with bigger bikes mainly trail ridding. I'm looking at getting a euro brand (of course what else?!) enduro bike. I'm split on the ktm, the husky and the gasgas, everyone all says excellent things about'em. Main purpose of the bike is going to be for harescrambles & trail ridding. I'm sure i'm gonna start a big debate over what brand is better but tell ya now i like'em all about the same. I'm really eyeing on wanting to get a gasgas 300SE! or a husky 360. I want a smooth tractable bike that will just let you lug it all day long and with a slip on the clutch will rip your arms off. I don't want to have to spend countless hours right when i get the bike messing with the damn jetting (aka cr125 errrr) thanks for all the feedback.


Bill Hibbs

Aug 25, 1999
". I want a smooth tractable bike that will just let you lug it all day long and with a slip on the clutch will rip your arms off...."

Sounds like you need a 300 then.



Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
It pains me to say this but what about a WR250F?

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Nov 8, 1999
Patman, I got to disagree on the rip your arms off criteria on the 250F. The 250F is a kick, and if it came in orange I would probably own one At around 32hp it can not rip ones' arms off! The mighty 300 does the job however. That 10+ hp advantage does help.

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dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
If ripping your arms off is your highest priority, get the 300. If you want to ride hard all day long and still have some arms left to hold on to the bike with, you might be happier with the 250, especially at your size. Afterall, a good 250 will still stretch your arms, even if it won't rip them off like a 300.

The 300 is a blast and certainly has more motor than any 250. But a 250 is less tiring to ride in the woods. JMHO.

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Apr 8, 2001
I think you should look at the 200EXC. I have ridden the 250EXC and MXC and I purchased a 200 over both of them.

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