2nd thoughts on" 01"-yz426 (help)!!!!!!!!


Jul 11, 2001
wanting to get back into riding & mx(senior class 42yrs old) trying to decide what to buy 98 & up kx250,rm 250, ktm300 around $2700 & up and 01 yz426 susp. work,fly wheel wt. remote hot start, wb slip on, it's in good shape $4000 but after reading all the bad news of 3rd gear,clutch basket, cdi problems ,gas tank cracks etc. i can do all the repairs my self but why spend that kind of money???? he said that he had some plug fouling problems(haven't checked the jetting-what is recommended for south eastern( n. e. Kentucky) or is it a cdi problem:( :( thanks for all replies


Jan 12, 2001

I'm 39 and I got back into racing last year after being out of it since 1978. I bought the 426 and loved it at first. After starting to race it on a regular basis, I found that it was too much bike for me for racing. It was great for play riding etc., but it is a handful when you are out of shape physically and get out of shape and are about to crash. This year I have a YZ250F and I am doing much better racing and having much more fun on the bike. If you are a power freak and want instant wheelies in any gear, get the 426. If you want to race MX and have something smooth and fun, get the YZ250F.


Jun 21, 2000
There are 2, WR250F's at a Honda shop in Knoxville, TN. I got one and really like it, almost impossible to start when new for some people, but now after 70 miles on the bike it starts good. Plenty of power and very fun, controllable.
Have you ever ridden at Exit 49 off of I-75 ?? DEA ??? its a fairly nice place, I would guess about 30-50 miles of good riding there.

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