Dec 31, 1969
Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s 3rd Annual Triple Crown Of Motocross Payout Reaches A Record $100,000.00! The popular series-within-a-series highlighting the High Point, RedBud & Steel City races hits the 6 figure mark & kicks off this weekend in southern Pa.

CARLSBAD, Calif., (May 23, 2007) – Monster Energy and Kawasaki have stepped up to the plate for motocross again this season in a big way, elevating their already industry-leading generosity to factory and privateer racers by increasing its total purse in the third annual Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross to an impressive $100,000!

Up from a then record $72,000 total purse payout in 2006 – with Monster Energy’s own Ricky Carmichael winning the King’s share of that ($30,000) for sweeping High Point, RedBud and Steel City, as he did in 2005 as well - the generous $100,000 Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross purse is, by far, motocross’ richest three race promotion series in the history of the sport.

“Is RC involved again this year? I thought he was retired, racing cars or something,” joked John Lee, Director of Sports Marketing, Monster Beverage Co. “The Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross has paid that guy like 60 grand the past two years. So we’ll see what the Kawasaki factory guys that Monster backs – James Stewart and Tim Ferry – have to say about our Triple Crown of Motocross this year beginning at High Point on Sunday.”

With Stewart being the obvious choice to knock Carmichael from his Triple Crown throne, don’t forget that Ferry is only one of two other consistently active racers (along with Kevin Windham) that have beat Carmichael in an AMA MX National moto since Carmichael moved up to the 250/Motocross class in 2000.

“We’ll see how things go,” said Carmichael of the Triple Crown. “At this point I hadn’t planned on racing Steel City, but one never knows – and that’s provided I’d be able to win both High Point and RedBud. Bottom line is fans are going to see some great racing here at High Point this weekend, then we’ll take it from there.”

Given the fact that he’s swept the first two Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross series events, officials at Monster – with fairness to all the riders in mind – have instituted the “Monster/Kawi Carmichael Rule.” With that the bonus money for the sweep for factory riders has been elevated to a whopping $50,000, then split in half with the AMA Motocross class eligible for $25,000 and the AMA Motocross Lites class eligible for $25,000. Monster Energy and Kawasaki have also upped the ante to $6,000 ($3,000 per class) per event for the winners. Note: In the event there’s no sweep, the top points winner will be awarded $5,000 for the Motocross class and $5,000 for the Motocross Lites class – based off the AMA points for the three rounds.

Beyond this Monster Energy has also increased its Triple Crown of Motocross purse potential for privateers to a sizeable $12,000 for a three-race sweep and $5,000 total bonus money per race for both classes, giving privateers the opportunity to shoot for the largest three race potential bonus purse in sport’s history, along with the bragging rights of being “Top Privateer” in the Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross.

In addition, to pump up the crowd even more, Monster Energy and Kawasaki will be giving away three Pro Circuit-tuned Kawasaki KLX110 pit bike to three lucky fans – totaling $10,000. Fans can enter to win at the Monster Energy motor coach on Saturday and Sunday. With all that Monster & Kawasaki can’t print money fast enough to help promote and support the AMA MX Nationals!

“The Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown an unprecedented promotion in the history of motocross,” said Scott Sepkovic, spokesman for Monster Energy and developer of the Triple Crown of Motocross. “This year we’ve eclipsed the six-figure mark, elevating the term Triple Crown in motocross to a Monster level.”

The schedule for the 2007 Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross:

. May 27th – High Point Raceway, Mt. Morris, Pa.
. July 1st – RedBud, Buchanan, Mich.
. Aug. 26th – Steel City Raceway, Delmont, Pa.

Along with the potential $25,000 bonus for sweeping either class, top privateers at the three race Triple Crown received a hefty payday ($2,000 per event, per class). Last year’s winners include:

High Point: David Vuillemin (MX class), Danny Smith (MX Lites class)

RedBud: Tim Ferry (MX class), Paul Carpenter (MX Lites class)

Steel City: Nick Wey (MX class), Kelly Smith (MX Lites class)

“Again, Monster Energy trusts that the industry realizes the importance of this promotion and the legitimacy it continues to bring to the sport of motocross,” added Sepkovic. “Kawasaki should be commended as well regarding their involvement, showing as a team how we can all band together to help in raising the awareness of the sport through a promotion such as the Monster Energy/Kawasaki Triple Crown of Motocross.”

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