67mm dia piston and shock bumper


Jul 29, 2000
South America
I recently saw something about being able to buy a 67mm or 68mm diameter piston for the KDX200 but don't remember where.
Also the rubber stopper (to keep metal from hitting metal when you bottom the shock out) on my shock is pretty worn out and I'd like to replace it but don't know where to buy one.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
Hi Jag,

You shouldn't have any problems getting a shock bumper from MX Tech, Race Tech etc. Any suspension shop should be able to help you out. If there is a shop around that deals with White Brothers they should be able to help you as well. You might also consider ordering a new shock seal and shock piston ring while you're at it. Given your bikes and 89 and you do plenty of riding its likely over due.

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