dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
The '87 is air cooled with a rear drum brake, and the '89 is water cooled and has a rear disc. I think there were white KDXs in '86 and '89.

Old bikes frequently have bad wheel bearings and bad suspension linkage bearings. Chain and sprockets, too.


Aug 13, 2000
All those old KDX's were reliable bikes. The engines seem to last longer than they have a right to! I have no idea how much time is on this bike. If it is fairly low time, you might be good to go with some new seals on eng and suspension (age is a big factor here). If the bike has many hours and was not maintained well, you are in for a total overhaul.

I simply have no way of knowing.

The older air cooled bikes can be hard to get parts for. Make sure you know what year it is. The water cooled bikes are much more supported.

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