90/100x21 front tire on a 250 2stroke


Aug 22, 2005
I`ve got a 03 YZ250 and was wondering if a bigger tire would work or not ? Also has anybody tried the new Kenda tires ( Washougal,Millville,Budds etc ). The Washougal looks like a 756 knockoff and it comes in the 90/100 size. I ride mostly harder terrain with powder turns and only occasionally disked tracks in Kansas and Nebraska.


Sep 1, 2003
Post 90/100/21 experiences

I was going to try the same thing on my 250 for the sand track. I will be interested to hear of others experience with this situation. Post and let us know how your bike handling changed for the better or worse after changing over to the larger front tire.
I would imagine you would need to be centered well for ruts and the larger tire would turn slower, but provide more traction. Would it work better on the sand track? Hardpack?

I think we are in the wrong forum for this. General?
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