'90 YZ 250 carb (Mikuni)


It was noticeable when i got the bike a few months ago, just did a complete teardown and top end and started it for the first time today. Idle was very high even without choke, and my carb doesnt look like any in the clymer manual. one external screw and that didnt change idle. should the throttle be slightly open when twist closed to allow for idle, or is that separate circuit on this carb? noticed it was open when i reassembled.
any tips are appreciated!!!


hey mon, sounds like u might have a non-stock carb; to verify cheaply, either take the bike to your local (HONEST) shop, or logon to bikebandit.com and look up a pic of it in their microfiche...motofich.com is also an excellent resource, but its all in Frog, so you will have to invite your French mistress over for dinner and get her to interpret...also, last but not least, if u r a newbie, your local hotshoes are an invaluable resource: by this i mean load up the bike, take it to your local track, and park where they park. migle iwth them and locate a savvy yammie shoe, and ask him tons of yamaha questions...the truly savvy/fasy guys are friendly, 9 times out of ten...i owned one of thos scoots and it was very reliable, and well-suited to learn on...8>]