A Couple of (Stupid?) Questions.



I thought I'd ask inthe relative safety of the "Members Only" forum.

1) Is anyone else getting "Script Error" messages while navigating around since the changeover? I am getting them randomly as I travel through the site. Before the change to DRN 3.0, if I had a script error, it was always the same and always in the same place (i.e. entering the Flame Board, etc.).

2) What does the "Team DRN" on the bottom of some of the avatars signify? I vaguely remember a private forum for this with restricted access. Is this the next level of super-secret club membership?! Was this the predecessor to the support team? Does anyone else hear those unmarked, black helicopters?


Dec 31, 1969
Humm... no errors here. I used to get them with the old version, but never with this one.

TeamDRN = moderators & admins. Full access to the corp. jet (what do you think inspired the wings on the new logo, heh), the perm. suites at all SX races, free bikes and most importantly, the bar with interactive "dillweed of the day" dart board.


Jul 1, 2000
Just a thought, in IE 5.5 if you go to internet options- advanced tab- scroll down to display a notification about every script error. Uncheck that bugger.


Didn't see the prompt about showing all script errors, I will have to do some more investigating. I'm not sure if I have IE5.5 here at work.

Another thing I have noticed (sorry, it's been slow here at work) sometimes a thread will have the checkmark as if there is a new post that I haven't read, but it is false. Example: In the General forum, there is a thread that says "Femal riders: Show of hands". The last post was by StanFlemmings and the checkmark keeps appearing there and the "Time of last post" keeps changing even though the last post was a day or two ago. Hmm.:think


OK-I think I've got it!

I am on IE4.0. Under "Internet Options"/"Advanced" I found a prompt labeled "Disable Script Debugging" that was unchecked. Checked it and no problems so far! Thanks, FreemontGuy!
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