A shock mount needle bearing failure?


Oct 14, 1999
I can see the forward mount (attaching the linkage to the frame) on my bike move within the frame when I unload the rear suspension and move the rear tire up and down. I can feel it 'knock' when the suspension unloads when riding.

The bearings LOOK ok..plenty of grease (I've serviced them a couple of times in the past year& 1/2). The collar movement on the bearings is smooth. I detect no movement by hand between the collar and the bearings with the linkage out of the bike. The bolt-to-collar fit isn't terrific, but another bolt fits the same way (moves somewhat).

My question is, is this a bearing failure? A collar-wauller (new word?),..what?

With the last bolts for my devol pull rods running about $15 each, the fewer pieces I have to get to fix this, the better I'll like it!!

Thanks for the input!!

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Nov 21, 2000
Mine also moved on a different section of the linkage due to a loose bolt.
It does seem that the hole in the linkage are a little big and would lend themselves to doing this and causing a bearing failure due to the pounding. Seems to me you must keep these tight and check them often to keep this from happening.I hope your bearings not hammered! Good Luck...Steve


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Jul 24, 2000
I think the collar/inner race is supposed to be totally immobilized, no movement, no spin, and under compression in its mount (frame, pull rods, etc) due to the bolt's tension. The collar-to-bolt slop should be mute when fully torqued.



Jun 5, 2000
I have my old rocker arm, sleeves and bearings. I can mike the dimensions of the rocker ID, Sleeve OD if it would be any help for comparison purposes.

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