Feb 8, 2007
I just bought a 01 yz 125 and im 13, about 130- 140 pounds, i ride motocross ALOT and i need to be more compfortable on my bike, is it hard to adjust it and if it is how much would it be to get the shop to do it for me, thanks.


Apr 23, 2007
There are clicks on the top of your forks which are the compression clicks. This allows a certain amount of oil to travel through the forks. Turning the click toward the S will soften the compression. Turning it toward the H will harden it. On the bottom of the forks are the rebound clicks. This will adjust how fast the forks will spring back up after being compressed. Same as the comp. turning to the S wil make it slower or feel softer and turning to the H faster and feel more stiff. Its the same on the rear shock. The compression is on the bottle looking thing near the airbox. Turn the click with a flat head screw driver. Also the rebound is found under the bike on the shock linkage. Try playing around with those because your weight will need a revalve and softer springs. Which can cost up to $650. Just play around with the clicks first. Good Luck :cool:


Apr 14, 2002
sixds said:
can i just put normal air in the air bottle thing that holds the compression clicker on the shock?

I wouldn't recommend it. It is filled with nitrogen.
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