Mar 29, 2001
One of my fork seals got busted. Somebody told me:

" I warned you Ed: You need to take good care of your bike, one of the things I told you was to let the air out of the suspension after every ride, its really easy, all you have to do is unscrew the screws on top of the forks..."

Is this true? Should I really do this after everytime I ride? Is it possible that the seals got busted for that reason?

Troy Dupuy

Nov 17, 2000
Your buddy is right. During your ride the pressure builds up in your front shocks. I have heard that this is caused by the friction of the shocks doing their work. I'm not sure; but bleed them once after a really good ride, and you will be a believer. I was even told some people do it once during the ride.



Mod Ban
Dec 10, 2000
It's possible that your seal hasn't really failed. it could simply have some dirt trapped under it that is preventing it from sealing against the fork tube. Take some film negative and gently slip it under the edge of the seal, and work it all the way around the fork tube in a downward-sweeping motion to dislodge any dirt that may be lurking in there, then clean the oil up and ride the bike to see if the leak stops. I have used this method successfully many times.

You do have to bleed the pressure build-up in the forks periodically, as this not only stresses the seals, it also affects the suspension action.

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
A small amount of pressure build up in your forks is a good thing. It helps KYB forks work more effiecntly. The pressure is the chemical byproduct of the oxidation of the oil and AL parts inside your forks. With the air rich fork the parts are in a oxidation wonderland..

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