Oct 12, 2000
Any San Diego riders out there? Where do you ride? I'm looking for places that are decently close (within an hours drive). The only place I know of is the track in El Cajon. There has to be more places than just this one right?


Jul 14, 2000
hmmmm...you would think there would be more places to ride around here, but in spite of huge support from the off road community attempts to get a green sticker park have been thwarted. :think
Coral Canyon is the closest place I can think of off hand.
Check out these sites for information



How is the El Cajon track? That's the one that just opened right?


Aug 26, 2000
I agree with sgr Coral Canyon is your best bet for a legal riding area. It's about 45mins. to an hour away. Some people I've talked to ride down by the border off the 905 freeway, but it's not a legal riding area. There was an effort to get a riding area in the outskirts of Lakeside but that has come under protests from the enviros. and some local residents. I heard that the new track in El Cajon is a madhouse right now. Maybe during the week its not as bad but on the weekends it's packed with riders.


Oct 12, 2000
I checked out the El Cajon track today. It's pretty decent, I havn't been on a track in awhile, it wore me out pretty quick. They have a variety of jumps, a few nice tabletops, numorus smaller doubles and 2 huge doubles (I rolled over 'em). It costs $20 a day to ride there, the hours are as follows:

Tues: 3pm to dusk
thurs: 3pm to dusk
Sat: 9am to 2pm
Sun: 9am to 4pm

There was quite a few people there, but the track didn't feel crowded.

What is coral canyon like (terrain wise)? Also, what are the riding seasons (green sticker/red sticker) and are sparkys enforced?


Dec 6, 2000
Carlsbad runs every other weekend also. Fun but expensive.

Corral Canyon sucks. Too far to go for fireroads and thrashed trails.

Down by the 905 freeway can be a bust so, don't go there on the weekends.

There are other places to ride, just depends on who you know.

Did you think I would give up those secret spots so easily?


Feb 8, 2001
You have to be willing to drive!! For tracks you have to go north of Temecula. Lake Elsinore is my personal favorite. They have a beginners track and a motocross track open to public. $15/day 9am-dark 7 days a week (I think). There is also Starwest and Perris raceway in Perris and Comp Park in Hemet. Check out www.proride.com . From late Sept.- Early May depending on how you deal with heat head East to the Desert. Ocotillo Wells is Disneyland for dirt bikes!! Ask any pro!! Glamis if you have a big bike, a big paddle, a big wallet, and a big pair of balls you can go duning and air your heart out all day long. I personally don't like Glamis cause it's all about power not skill.

Tony Williams

Mar 23, 2000
Check out Proride.com for directions to some of these:

(1) Since 1973, the motocross track on the Barona Indian Reservation has been in nearly continuous use: http://www.baronaoaks.com/ Just south of the town of Ramona. There has been some difficulties with the land owners, but for now, racing continues there. Very much supercross inspired track with a second pee-wee track. No weekday events, only about bi-weekly events on weekends only, with Sunday races. "Mini Nationals" on Labor Day weekend in September. Strong Pee-wee program.

(2) A new practice track has opened up at El Cajon, as has been previously discussed in this thread, just southeast of the Gillespie airport. I suspect they will eventually have races there. Sounds like Tues and Thurs nights, and weekends.

(3) A practice track was opened last year on the La Jolla Indian Reservation, called Amago. In north San Diego County, about 20 miles east of the 15 freeway on Highway 76. They've discussed having racing there. I like it.
They also have cart racing on pavement, and a water slide park. They're planning to build a casino (like every other Indian reservation in the county), so expect they're fondness of motocross to diminish, like it has for the Barona Indians with their very successful casino. Weekday practice (can't remember which) and weekends, also.

(4) A practice track was opened on the Campo Indian Reservation (see a trend here?) last year, about 50 - 75 ? miles east of San Diego on the 8 freeway. Don't get hurt here, 'cuz an ambulance and hospital might be a LONG way away. I think they may only be open on weekends.

(5) Marty Smith, the former National Champion motocross champ, was supposed to open a track near the Mexican border, just east of the Brown Field Airport, and south of the prison. Looks like he flaked out on this....

(6) Carlsbad Raceway, just east of the Carlsbad airport, is under new management this year, and is building a new track. They still have practice on the old GP track, and the drag strip is still used. They've been saying for 20 years the any day is the last..... ride here while you can. No weekday events, only about bi-weekly events on weekends only. Weekend races, also. Typically, no kids allowed, and no bikes below 80cc.

North of us, Riverside County Tracks......

(1) Lake Elsinore, north on 15 to Bundy. Good practice track, but VERY busy on weekends. Several different tracks to ride on, plus BMX. Open EVERY day !!!!! Virtually NO racing.

(2) Comp Park, north on the 15, then up the 215. Several tracks under new management. Lights for night riding, including weekday practice, and weekend races.

(3) Starwest Strong Pee-wee program, north on the 215 freeway, then east on the Ramono Expressway. Select weekday night practice, and Saturday night races.

(4) Perris has been around since the 50's, and still going, just east of the city of Perris, at 215 freeway and highway 74. Lights for night racing.

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