Help Anyone recognize this work platform?


Nov 12, 2021
I found this in one of the shops and the original owner has passed on. I thought it was a work stand but it’s too short even for the 91 Honda XR200R.
The legs in front come off, just set in a hole, the back leg is bolted on, and the ramp stays in place with a loose bolt. The front has this “U” shaped handle that’s bolted in the pockets and is free to move fore and aft. It had adjustable collars with a peg.
I cleaned it up and put it together thinking I’d found a cool work stand but it’s too short for any bike I’ve got except a little Honda 100 peewee.
It looks like aluminum that is 0.0787 (2cm) thick. Probably from the 1990’s based on the original owner. No ID except some numbers on the legs and u-handle but that looks like stock numbers. Nothing to say who built it or when. I know the owner didn’t build it.
Wheel channel is 54” long.
Appreciate any info, apologies for long “first post”.


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Rich Rohrich

Moderator / BioHazard
Jul 27, 1999
i'm pretty sure we were using those as far back as the mid 70s.

You roll the bike onto the stand, drop the bars into the short extensions on the front u-rail and then pivot the u-rail forward so the front end is hanging off the front of the stand. It allows you to service the front wheel and the forks because they are free floating. You can also use a roll up stand to lift the rear wheel.
They work fairly well for light weight dirt bikes and they don't take up much shop space.


Nov 12, 2021
Brilliant! I never tried to put the pegs under the bars and rotate it forward. Makes perfect sense now. When I get the bike on it, I’ll post a photo. Much appreciated Rich.
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