Nov 19, 2000
I am interested in reports on how the 250 SX runs, rides and feels in the real world. The only info I can find on the bikes are from magazines. KTMs are the best looking bikes on the track but I haven't seen any 250 SX's on the track. Only seen them on the showroom floor. Impressions..........anybody?


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Mar 7, 2000
I'm a woods guy so for MXing listen to some one else. I traded a ride with a buddy of mine at Muenster and this is what I found. His (2001 250SX) would rip the arms out. The shifts were quick and sure footed thanks to the new shifter. The stock oversized Magura bars were excellent. He didn't replace his seat so it's standard 2x4 issue, 5 speed tranny, one piece swingarm are nice also. I'm sure with the 2002's 48mm forks, revamped PDS with hi/low adjustments and once again another new cylinder it'll be even more potent. He rides his in the TCCRA races and manages to get the 50 miles on the tank, mind you he's very fast. A great bike. Actually I wished I had waited for the 2001's becuase of riding his.
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