Feb 10, 2000
Does anyone know of any good trail riding in New Mexico? Just went to Moab and looking for trails in the New Mexico area for early next year.



Mar 2, 2000
Check out an entry titled "New Mexico Trails" by Tulio, last post on 4/7. I've got good info on Santa Fe and Taos area. Plus there is good info on Cloudcroft south of Alb.

I'll be down in Santa Fe and Taos over Memorial Weekend. I can give you more info after that on how it was.

How was Moab? I love that place. Try to get there 1 or 2 times a year. Usually go over Memorial Weekend but we decided to look for something new this year. Hence NM.


Feb 6, 2000
There's a few places I've been scouting and getting info. on. Cedro
and Otero Canyon which is in the Cibola NF east of Albuquerque. There's over 60 miles of single track at Cedro and 25-30 at Otero.
There's Alcalde near Espanola with about 75 miles of trail. They just had the Kachina enduro there and I'm told the trails are in good shape and well marked. There's about 50 miles of trail near Bernalillo. The North and South Jemez mts. around Los Alamos have some awesome riding. I've been to Cloudcroft. It's nice. The trails around Sipapu are very challenging. E-mail me and I'll try to get you all the info I have on all of these areas.
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