Article on getting women to ride


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There's an article in the latest Australasian Dirt Bike mag about getting women to ride.
The bikes the author has suggested are TT250R or DR250 or Serow (XT225?) or XR250 or for the petite TT125R - none of which I'd consider, but it's written by a guy and has probably worked for him - he runs training schools in Australia, including ones for women.

There's one paragraph I thought quite humorous: "So if you're gonna share your riding time with them (women), the big question is: how do women rate as riding partners? Great I reckon - although when following behind them the sight of their rear ends in nylons can be a bit of a distraction. You've been warned."

He also talks about a ride he went on, they had a woman with them. She commented about the awesome view about 10 minutes back. Out of the 20 guys, 3 of them had noted it.

One thing that bugged me is the fact he reckons we need more items of comfort on overnighters - toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant and loo paper. I agree with the toothpaste & loo paper and if I remember the deodorant, but other than that I don't need more stuff than a guy. If I stink, so does the rest of the party, as usually none of us can be stuffed with the solar shower thing that a couple bring along. He also makes a joke about thank goodness the cordless hair dryer hasn't been invented - my hair dryer blew up years ago heating something up, I just don't have time for that anyway. ;)

If anyone wants a copy, I'll have to snailmail it to you (it'll take too long to scan & send email & be legible). My scanner's not hooked up, otherwise I'd have to post the picture of the women riding in short shorts & tank top - ouch if she crashes.


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That sounds like an interesting pic. I just wanna know what was she thinking? (But can you post it anyways :p )

Hey, what's so bad about a hairdryer? I don't wanna sound like a fruit or anything, but I gotta dry my hair, cause if I just let it air dry it looks pretty stupid, mainly because it's a little longer than most guys (no buzz cuts here).
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Sounds like he needs to be enlightened just a bit!!!:p

I don't think the guys can go many days without loo paper either, I mean leaves can only work so well!

Should we tell him that I do have a butane curling iron? Haven't used it in the past 15 years but when I was in college and we camped in Mexico it was one of the staples! In fact, you can actually get an AC/DC converter so you can use your hairdryer off the car battery! :scream:

It might just put him over the edge!!!

At least he recommends full size bikes though.
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ok I'll have to admit, I do need extra change of clothes, toothbrush, towel,shampoo, n I have easy access to my facewash during the race.

But hey, they provide toilets and bathrooms for us at races now! :confused:


Yea - they provide nasty porta poties...

at our tracks anyway! I'd rather use the bushes and a pinecone! (Well, a couple leaves will be fine)
Tootpaste and a bar of soap are the only things I'd need too.


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Hey guys, Michelle sent me that pic. It's hilarious, I asked her for a link so I could post it here. She said she's having major puter problems or something.
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