bad day at the track


I went to the local track today "the one in el cajon for all the so cal people". And was having a fun day.untill I came arround a turn to find a friend that I was ridding with just asking to be passed.So we went through a six pack and by the end I was cought up with him and I came in for the kill.I came into the turn perfect,got right up next to him blocked him in the turn and passed him. I thought it worked out perfect.Well coming out of the turn though I made a mistake.The front wheel left the ground and I let off the throttle insted of clutching it.So I got back into the power but it was almost to late.There was a double approching.I thought I had enough speed but I didnt.I came up short with the front tire diving.The bike was completly pined in third,and I was despretly trying to pull the bike up, but I didnt make it.So I let go of my bars right when the front tire cought the back side of the landing. Got tossed into the air, while I was in the air my freind said I did a 180 and I landed on my back, then started to tumble arround uncontrollibly.I remember while tumbilling I saw my bike upside down fliping arround like a noddle that was been weted.noooo:( .I could here it hitting the gound then going back into the air then hitting the ground again.After all the violent jymnastics the bike and I preformed (a perfect 10) I was on the ground gasping for air, trying to crawl off the track.Bye this time there was five or six guys on the lonch stopping everyone from runing me over.Then my friend rode over droped his bike pulled me off the track then got my bike and pulled that off the track too.I then proceded to take off my helmet and my right boot. I looked down at my shin and there was a huge nott and it was purple and black.The parimedic came over and was cheking my leg out and declared it was not broke.But I need to put ice on it imeditley.So I got up got on my bike "witch was already started thanks to my friend" so I poppt it in gear and slowley rolled off the track.Well I am hear now with ice packs on my right shin, right wrist, and leaft ankle and a lot of road rash on my back.But hey I am still alive. So who wants to go ride next weekend:silly:


Too much of a good thing.
A BAD day?

Any day that you walk away is a good day. Sucks about your injuries though. Did the bike get hurt?

I had a great day at the track. I only crashed once. I deserved it though. I was dogging axo999 and he cut me off when I wasn't expecting it. I hit his back tire and dropped it. I was going slow enough to stay on my feet, but it was kinda embarrassing. It wasn't bad, but the cutest dental hygienist I've ever met was watching. :o
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -


I am not really sure about the bike.I didnt look at it much after I fell.I did notice the bars were bent I had no front brake lever I am not sure but I think I ripped my graphics.And I think thats about it.

sounds like when you dropet your bike it must of been funny from a dental hygienist point of view.:p