Jul 31, 2000
Is there any way to straighten out a bent rear disk? I hit a rock and it is bent ever so slightly (still ridable). Before I go and buy a new one I'd like to see if I can save a few $ and straighten this one out, or have it done???
Thanks for any advice.


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Damn Yankees
Oct 13, 1999
Wolf - It depends on how much it's bent. A machine shop may be able to resurface the disc, but there is a minimum thickness for a rotor. A friend of mine used a hydraulic press to bend his back straight, but the next time he got the disc hot it warped. Your best bet is to buy a new rotor and a disc guard.


Feb 6, 2001
Back when I rode a 400EX the skid plate was real thin and I bent the roter twice. Both times I took the whole quad over to my friends and his dad used a dial indicater and a dead blow to straighten it out. He was always able to get it with in a cople thousandths. You might be able to do it without the dial indicator and just go by spinning the tire and watching the disk but it would be harder.


I bent mine really bad and managed to get it straight again. I first tried to do it on the bike, but it wasn't until I took it off and used a big hammer on it that I got it flat again. It just takes a little time and effort, but when a new one costs $100, I will give it a lot of time before I will admit defeat and throw it away.
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