Feb 18, 2018
Hi I’m looking at getting a dirt bike I have not rode in two years. I’m 20 years old 5’10 and athletic. I have owned to bikes DRZ 400 and klx250 enduro bikes on and off road now the DRZ was way to much for me as a beginner so that’s why I got the klx but after riding for two months found it not to be enough power. I am now going to buy a dirt bike 2 stroke is a yz 250 to much for me to handle is that 125 to small for me? I don’t know what to get?


Dec 31, 1969
Your talking about moving from a over-weight, under-powered trail bike to a motocrosser... doesn't matter if it's a 125 or 250 2-stroke, or 250-450 4-stroke; they are all going to feel like more than you can handle.

This is where that gray matter between your ears comes into play. Until you feel comfortable with whatever bike you end-up with, just take it easy with your right hand and don't ride tracks or places that will get you in over your head. Youtube is full of fail videos starring noobs taking dirt naps. Don't be one of those.

If you try to buy a bike for every level of comfort on your way up the experience chain, you'll be buying a new bike every month.
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