"Black Book" for Bikes?

Apr 15, 2007
Is there a "black book" value for dirt bikes the way there is for cars?

I've found a few "new" bike that guys are rolling over, eg: an 05 KX250 w/ 25hrs for $6K(Cdn), an '05 YZ250 w/ similar hours for $5K, an '03 KX250 w/ about 50hrs for $3800.

I like the idea of buying a newish bike, but I'm not sure what to think of the depreciation. I don't want to lowball, but I don't want to pay too much either. I've looked at new bike prices(can get a new '07 KX250 for $6300), and I've cruised around autotrader. But I haven't ad any luck finding a "free" black book.


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Apr 9, 2002
That's not going to help him for prices in Canada. Each market is different so you're going to have to shop around your market to see, especially if you are restricted to only buying within your market area. I've seen other posts from Calgary and the market seems higher than the rest of Canada, all you rich oil guys I guess :laugh: The 05 KX250 for 6k is ridiculous regardless of the market, the 05 YZ250 is closer to reality although it would still be high for the Manitoba market, the 03 is similar in that regard.

We've been doing some bike changes around here so I had been paying closer attention to the used market of late and this is what I've seen here in Manitoba. We sold our relatively low hours 05 RM125 for 4k, I've seen several 06's that have been up for sale for quite awhile that are now reduced into the mid 4k range, 250's will be similarly priced, maybe a few hundred more.