Sep 1, 2000
Well I survived the Boot Hill National Enduro. The start of the race was in the most amazing spot at 10,000 feet. We were perched up on a cliff that over-looked some beautiful mountains. When we woke up on race day we were actually above the clouds that were down in the valley. I was on row 4 so I started at 8:04. There was 10 miles of road/trail to the first 4 mile special test. The special test was really rocky and had some seriously slippery trees to get over. One particular tree slowed me down a bit because with the collarbone I can't pull the bike as well. I made it though that first section and thougt if the whole 100 miles was like that then some people were going to to die. The second special test got easier but still very rocky. I was sucking my feet tight to the bike for sure. The 3rd special test was 8 miles and easy for the first half and then pretty hard for the second half. Managed to run into a tree and break my front finder. It stayed attached but was flapping in the wind. At gas I told my friend she better get praying for me so I could finish. After gas we just repeated some of the same sections but had one fun one with some seriously tight switch backs that you had to walk the bike down. After the 4th gas everyone was done but the A riders. We had about another 15 miles left. They sent us up the section with the tight switch backs that we had come down earlier in the race. With only 2 miles left we had a narly hill that I am not sure I could even make on my trials bike. Before I got to the top part with the really big rocks my bike was overheating and the anti-freeze was pouring out. I figured it was not worth ruining my bike before the ISDE since I need to practice so I just got it off the trail as best as I could and started to push everyone else up the hill. I told someone to tell my husband that I was broke down and after I pushed up about 20 bikes and burnt my wrist on the exhaust pipes my husband came and said my bike just overheated and let's get it started and up the hill. Man were the rest of the people in line waiting for me to push them up bummed when I left. At the finish the guys said that the last 20 people said they would not have finished if I had not pushed them up that hill. You should have seen Lafferty and Hawkins blast up this hill. It was not effortless but it was pretty amazing. Amanda Mastin made it part of the way but I am not sure exactly how far. Bikedestroyer also raced but I think she did the C course. Heather Wilson lost her brakes on the first special test and tried to fix them but they did not hold up. I would have NEVER attempted that switchback hill without brakes. All in all it was a great ride. Crashed on the Collarbone and it did not hurt so that is a good thing.;)


Mar 15, 2000
Glad you survived. I was SOOO happy that the 40+A riders only had to ride the B loop. Was kinda regretting not riding the last loop, until I read your report.

I was the guy from Flagstaff on a KTM the row ahead of you. I think you husband passed me in the second special test when I decided to see if my bike worked upside down in one of the creeks.

How'd the hubby do? I was 6th SrA when we left for home, my buddy Bret Dooley was 2nd Open A...

A very "tricky" ride for me, as soon as I started to charge, I'd crash, so I just raced along at 80% all day.

I too was worried after the first section, thought that if the whole day was gonna be like that, I might be really pooped out...

Glad you didn't hurt yourself....

What class and how did you qual for the ISDE?


Aug 13, 1999
Originally posted by Girlrider
......we were actually above the clouds that were down in the valley.

We see that quite often in the fall from our house. It looks like you could step off of the driveway into the clouds sometimes. I always tell the kids it's time to go down to the lowlands. ;)

Glad to hear all went well and the collarbone is good! Keep us posted.

Leapin Lisa

Mar 30, 2001
Thanks for the report:cool: I think it is neat how these enduros sound like they are terribly brutal, but when the riders write in to report on them, there is always a high level of "fun factor" involved, too.

I think it is really something for you to be able to compete with Lafferty and actually be part of the excitement, yet take the time out to help others up that monster hill to allow them to be able to finish the race.

Sounds like the collarbone is healing and will be in fine shape by August. Keep up the great performances, Nicole!

Leapin Lisa
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