Dec 21, 2000
I'm glad you asked that. I've been wondering if replacing the front brake lines with braided ones would help the mushy, inconsistent feel that Kawasaki brakes have. I've seen them in catalogs for around $50. A friend of mine says he bought a used KX 250 from a guy who replaced the stock front master cylinder with a Honda unit. He said it was excellent. I know one thing, my old XR 250 had great brakes; ride with your index finger on the lever and just a pinch is all it takes. Somtimes when I'm racing my KDX, one finger is not enough. Then I grag the front lever with two fingers and the stinkin thing locks up and I have to let off or go over the bars. Its not as bad as when I first got it so I guess I'm getting used to it. I just wish I could get the front to work like a Honda. I hope some one answers, I'll be watching.
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May 3, 2000
When I bought my Honda it already had a braided line and oversize rotor. Never rode it stock so can't say how much difference the line made, but I've never ridden a KDX with brakes that could compare. It would be hard to go back to normal brakes - if you are pushing hard great brakes are a huge advantage.

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