Sep 20, 2000
This is the way to grease the way for big $$$$$ development. If the AMA, BRC had enough money they could hire this guy to reopen the closed lands. All it takes is $$$$.:think

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Wednesday, June 20, 2001
Bruce Babbitt Goes From Green to Greed

As Bill Clinton's Interior secretary, Bruce Babbitt was an anti-development activist who catered to the whims of the environmentalist left. How things change.

Babbitt has launched a lucrative new career as land broker for rich people who - horrors - want to develop their own property while stifling criticism from environmental watchdogs, Liberty Matters News Service reports.

Hearst Corp. has hired Babbitt to help put together a $200 million-plus development on its 83,000-acre ranch in San Simeon, Calif., Liberty Matters says.

Environmentalists have complained that development at Hearst would threaten the "beautiful site where tourists flock and cause damage to endangered plants and wildlife," CNN reported way back in August 1996.

Liberty Matters says: "He has also been hired by Washington Mutual Inc. to help convince critics, who have stalled the company's 3,050-home building project in Ventura County, to surrender peacefully and let the project proceed. This battle has been going on since 1992. Babbitt was secretary of Interior all that time, but did nothing. Now, he will, no doubt, be amply rewarded if he is able to make the objections to their projects disappear.

"Babbitt had nothing to say about his latest hypocrisy."

Paging Robert Redford.:confused:

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