Bswift, thanks for the information!



:( :eek:
I did not want to make a snafu. Thank you for the quick intervention. I am new to this board and did not see the FAQ section. Again, I apreciate your help in this matter.
:think :) ;)


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Nov 25, 1999

Been there done that. Check out the different boards and enjoy. Enter the Flame Board at your own risk and put on your thick skin!:p This site is the absolute best for info, BAR NONE. The search engine will allow you to find threads that explore many questions that you might come up with. If you don't find one, post in the best forum that closely resembles your line of questioning. Some of the members come off a little strong but will help you anyway. If you give out bogus info be prepared for the aftermath. If you've heard something and want to find out its validity, DRN members will either support it with fact or it will go down in flames. Enjoy.:D
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