Sep 22, 2000
This is pretty funny, they are complaining here that Bush doesn't care because he is not IN THE MONUMENT but just nearby. :eek:

"If President Bush is interested in protecting the Sequoias he should visit
nearby Giant Sequoia National Monument where over half of the giant trees
are located," said Joe Fontaine, vice-chairman of the Sierra Club's
Sequoia Task Force. "The President should direct the Forest Service to
permanently prevent logging in the Monument and to keep motorcycles off the

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Super Power AssClown
Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Your link works fine, KW. I laugh at the comments that Mr. Pope makes several times, saying that Bush should listen to the "public interest" not the "special interest" groups. What the heck does he think the Sierra Club is???!! I think they're just mad because their special interest group didn't get THEIR president in. :silly:

KLX Spode

Feb 29, 2000
Gee, last time I checked, I could'nt ride my motorcycle through the Sequoias. Maybe this bufoon should actually check the area that is protected by the monument and see that the majority is not even forested area! Me riding an off-road motorcycle over 5 miles a way from the Sequoia's is not going to effect the root structure of these trees. I like the comment he made about them spporting hunters! Give me a break. Talk about pandering. I love these people that want to direct use of land in an area where they are not directly affected by the economic repricussions of their actions. This just makes my blood boil!


Mar 20, 2001
Motorcycle Trails thru Sequioas

For your info, some of the best motorcycle single track trails did go thru some Sequioa groves near the Kernville area, but riding on the trails did not effect the trees. We lost some of the best single track trails in the higher elevations due to Clinton's new Monument. The locals up there have a petition out asking to reduce the Monument from 328,000 acres to 28,000 acres..sounds good to me !! I was just up there recently and loved how many of the locals voiced their opinions against what Clinton has done !! We need to voice ours also and oppose all we can !!

KLX Spode

Feb 29, 2000
Those groves by Kernville are not part of the "endangered" groves that the Sierra Klub was discussing. We have been bending the ear of our local 19th district Congressman George Radonovich since he inseption of the "Monument" by the Klinton Korps. He is very sympathetic to our cause and is a farmer to boot! As far as sending anything to do with this to our two wonderful Senators, Boxer and Finestien, why bother! Unless it has to do with free trade with China,the "a" word,government entitlements or "saving" our environment, forget it! They have never, and I mean NEVER so much as acknowledged any corespondents regarding this issue.
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