buying a KDX 200?

Dec 20, 2003
Ok, im getting ready to sell my street bike and pick up a dirt bike. I want a 2 stroke and a KDX was suggested to me as a good bike. I'm 6'2" 170lb and i was a mainly trail bike, something to also stunt on.

What I want to know is can the 200 do wheelies/stoppies easy? Is it a good bike that will last a long time and have enough power? I was thinking of getting a 125-250cc motocross yet this bike, if good enough seems like the best one for my use.

Thanks, Derek


Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 16, 2002
The KDX is an AWESOME bike with a very strong following (this is really nice cause, as you will find out, you WILL come to the KDX forum with lots of questions... I think the KDX200 would make a really good choice for a "stunt" bike (we are not talking "freestyle MX right?). Doing "stoppies", "Wheelies" and smaller jumps are ALL in the KDX's DNA! The KDX has a lot more "forgiveness" in its 2 stroke attitude then a "full blown" MXer (be it 125 or 250) and this makes it easier to control but still get some of the "2 stroke hit" that a lot of us dirtriders simply cannot live without. As far as a "trailbike" goes... The KDX has been at the forfront of the field for years and will be there for years to come!! They are fairly light, very nimble, have VERY easy access to "free mods" and are DOWN RIGHT LETHAL thru the tight stuff in the right hands! I know they are not real good jumpers for the BIG stuff, but I used to love to jump mine! It had an EXTREMELY balanced feel to it and it was RIOT in the air!! Just not made for the "modern" MX track... I found, with a little practice you can go from a full blown stoppie to a wheelie all in one move on the KDX - its that controlable!! To put it bluntly, it is a VERY friendly, easy bike to ride to your potential and beyond!! IMHO, GO FOR IT!!

Sep 11, 2002
If you want to do stunts then stay away from the KDX....Get a newer 250 2 stroke mx bike for stunts....I've got both 99kdx and 01kx, and the kdx suspension is great for woods, but to soft for stoppies, and kdx front brake is weak comparied to the kx....Kdx power is really smooth which is easy to ride, but not the power for hitting big jumps with short approaches....anyways, any off road bike is better than a street bike, imo...good luck with it.