cannondale 4 stroke engine design


Sep 21, 2003
i think the connondale engine desing is really neat.the carb is at the front and the exhaust system comes out of the back. what do you thiink of this. do you think all bikes shoud take in this design. it cuts down on alot of weight


Oct 6, 2002
I would think there would be some advantages, but maybe they are out weighed by the disadvantages.
I had a chance to ride one of the late model Cannondales, I was impressed by the whole package. The bike was a little on the heavy side but at speed the weight wasn't noticed.
I couldn't believe how well the bike pulled, it didn't have a hesitation in it anywhere. It was almost like riding a automatic on the trail, you just put it in 3rd gear and you were good to go from 5 mph to 50 mph.
I even dragged a CRF 450 that was running race gas and I beat him the first run and he beat me the next the two bikes were never more than a bike length apart, and this was the enduro model.
Personally I was sorry to see them go under I would have liked to see if they could have proved the advantage of their design. I'm glad I didn't ride this before I bought my KTM or I would have probably made a mistake and bought the Cannondale. I liked it that much.
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