Carb and Jetting Advice Needed for 1992 CZ 125


Dec 3, 2009
Hello all. I found this forum while searching the internet. I've got a 1992 CZ Model 519 125 MX. This is the last MX model imported to the U.S. by CZ. I'm having a real tough time getting the jetting correct. It has a Mikuni TMS carb and for the life of me I cannot locate the pilot jet. It's not where it it is on the round slide Mikunis. Can anyone give me some ballpark jetting specs to get me started? Right now its running very rich up to about 1/2 throttle. Should I toss this carb and go for another Mikuni? I've got 4 other 1970's vintage CZ's with round slides jetted correctly. Thanks in advance.


Apr 27, 2001
COMMIE BIKE WITH carb problems...

I wish I could help? The only CZ I had any mikuni experience with was on a 72 380 mx. I sold it back in 1975! Try contacting Mikuni america, they have always been very helpfull for me in many years gone by. good luck, Best Regards, Porkchop... :yikes:


Nov 5, 2008
wow wish i remembered mine, I actually had a 1992 CZ 125 motor brand new mounted on a go kart frame. I ended up selling it because the kick starter stripped out and I couldn't find parts.
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