Contingence Money


Can someone explain to me how factory Contingence money works at MX races?

I would like to know what classes and position money is paid out in?

What is the most someone on this form has made in one weekend and or 1 year?

Depends on what bike you race. Yamaha list all the races and payout on their web site. It has all the info you need. I think Suzuki has the same info as well.


Husky probably has the best plan going right now. Of course you have to check their web-site to make sure that the races you attend are on the plan.

They pay $300, 200 and 100 for the A classes and I think $200, 100 and 75 for the B classes. Therefore if you are a REAL fast A rider you could win $300 per race.

Are you fast enough to even worry about it?:p


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Originally posted by Layton
Are you fast enough to even worry about it?:p

I know allot of local riders here in Dallas metroplex and I wouldn't be worrying `bout contingency money. Kind of one of those "If you need to ask" questions.:cool:

If you think can beat `em though go for it, but don't quit you day job. This sport can get real expensive in a quick fast & a hurry.:scream:
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I agree that there is allot of fast riders in the DFW area.

I was wondering what a 5th place finish in a 250 nov. class might get you.

From looking at Yam. and Suz. web sites it's about $20.

I ride purely for fun even when I race, but maybe I'll set a goal to earn $20 in contingency money next year just to have something to shoot for.


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Race off road! The Suzuki contingency program is awesome. They pay$400 for any class win as long as it's a Suzuki race, and they will tell you if it is or not, and as long as there's more than 6 people in the class. (as far as I know). There is a cap of $3200.

I have a couple of friends who, between Suzuki bucks and good deals through sponsoring dealerships, pay very very little for their bikes.


As I understand it though, your bike needs to be within 1 year of the current model to qualify. I think that kind of sucks.


There is no limit on the total amount of money you can win on a Husky. Go to to check it out.

It only makes since that they are not going to pay money to an older bike. They are in the business of selling new bikes.:think


Kawasaki pays for D class too(not that I am in it). They have a "contract" of sorts though. YOu have to display a kawasaki logo somewhere on your bike and it has to be prominently green.


I ride hairscarmbles but I don't see any contingency for Canadian races.

I know what you mean derekb_55. I had my hair scarmbled once, and the roots hurt for a week, not to mention that my helmet fit funny. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. :think


I usually end up spending more money than I could ever win by chasing contingency. The most I have ever one in a single race is $100. The most in a season, about $300 or so. There aren't really even that many races that are eligible and there are so many conditions limiting what you can win. But, if you ride a Suzuki , can sandbag and go to a lot of paying races, then yes, there is money to be made at the local level