Dec 29, 1999
I remember back in the late 80s, early 90s, District 11 had this MX series that ran at many county fairs. Most of them just set up a little make shift arenacross sytle track in some field also used for demolation derbies, tractor pulls or whatever. The tracks weren't great (and were bulldozed the next day), but the races usually were well attended and it was fun to run under the lights with the decent-sized, ego-boosting crowds flowing over from the fairs. (Also gave the sport some mainstream exposure.)

Obviously, D-17 has a couple fair-connected events, but what about a series tied to the smaller fairs? Have they been done recently? Plans to run them? These run in other parts of U.S.?

00CR250 (with fried clutch, tired top end, crushed pipe, smashed radiator, dirty powervalves, worn sprokets and forks in desperate need of a servicing if anyone knows a good mechanic <g> )

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