Jun 12, 2007
I just replaced the reeds in my 91' CR250R and it seems to have great paower mid and high but wont idle. I tried to adjust the air/fuel screw ontop of the carb but I honestly don't know what I'm doing with that. Is it like a regular carb where you back it out 2 turns and adjust from there or what? I had it almost all the way out and it almost idle but then shut off. It's got a brand new plug.

Give me the basic guys. I'll try adjusting the idle when I get home I guess. Mabey that'll do it?


Sep 12, 2007
first bury the air/fuel screw all the way in, then turn it 1 1/2 turns out (if you have to go more than 2-3 turns get a smaller pilot jet) and then start it up and twist the choke knob to adjust your idle that should bring your idle up i have mine so it will idle for about 15 sec w/ no throttle before it dies out try that first. if that don't work pull the carb and make sure the pilot circuit is clean and the pilot jet these control idle until 1/8-1/4 throttle also make sure the reeds and cage are sealed and that you are not sucking unwanted air through a gap


Sep 13, 2007
1. put hermetic seal on reed cage
2. Clean air filter (or put new one) from inside to outside with compresed air and than with filter cleaner, after cleaning preoil the filter with light oil.
3. Choke knob fully screwed down (if you unscrew choke knob more than 1 1/2 turn it will taking lot of fuel for same job so better dont touch it), From full screwed unscrew air screw until engine start raising RPM and than screw it little back to get the iddle (heat the engine first, 15 min run the engine) (air screw is connected with athmospheric presure and temperature of the air, and the level above the sea where the bike is riding so be carefull with this operation you giving lean or rich mixure to engine same like food. LOL)
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