May 21, 2001
My dad really really doesn't want me to crash. I think it is inevitable that I will crash. Is there anybody out there who has ridden for a while and NEVER crashed? I would really appreciate if everybody who reads this simply says if they have or haven't crashed. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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Nov 3, 2000
I crash a lot. Most of the time I walk away with no pain or injuries. Occassionaly I walk away with a bruise or a minor cut, nothing that would keep me from riding. Only once in the year I have been riding have I had an injury severe enough to take me off the track and quit riding for the day. And even then I was fine in a few days.


Jan 15, 2000
Crashed more times than I care to remember. No serious ones though. Only once have I been taken off of the track, but it only took a few weeks to make me feel better.


May 20, 2001
Everybody will crash. There's zero possibility you will do any significant amount of off-road-riding without crashing. By crashing I mean something where your handlebars touch the ground, usually with no real injuries to the rider.

If you start seriously practising MX or enduro (/hare scrambles) it is very likely that at some point you will get an injury that forces you off the bike for some time.


Apr 13, 2001
doh, this is bulldogkx125

i 'crash' normally 2-3 times a ride, all from washing in corners, i normally just slide a little, or jump off(then again my corner speed isnt the fastest)

i have only had one bad injury
i think i slightly brusied my 2 of my ribs while i did a superman, i could have gotten back on the bike the next day, no big.

crashs will happen, but not everyone has bone bashing, brain knocking crashes


Jun 20, 2001
I to have had my fair share of crashes. I think in order to become a better rider it is a necessity. 95% of the time that I crash I wash out or something minor.Usually ride away with bruises at the most.

I think it might be possible to ride and not crash, but you would have to ride very slow. Even then chances are you are going to lay it down a couple times. It is kind of like walking. Everybody trips several times in their lives, but it is usually no biggy. In fact it is a valuable learning experience.

This is not to say that I like to crash. I am not nearly as brave as I used to be and value being healthy at this point in my life. I do push it sometime, but also don't try to pull off any "no hander face plants".


Mar 7, 2001
Just a note, I don't consider it a crash if in the 10 seconds before the handlebars hit the ground there was no forward movment. I often come to a stop on the trail to look around and found I've stopped where there is a down slope, or a low spot. This combined with my 32 inch inseam and 38 inch seat height causes my handle bars to hit the ground at times. But this is NOT a crash! With that preface, I can say I haven't crashed this year.


Apr 22, 2001

As the name implies they are not planned.My last crash was at very low speed and resultted in breaking both bones just above the ankle.Every crash has the chance of being your last,the best advice is to be aware and as such be prepared.
1. Correct protection for your body
2. Insurance for income and life(very important).
3. Take a buddy with you(can be a long wait ,lying on your butt waiting to be found).


Apr 6, 2000
Yea ol' saying goes...

There are two (2) types of motorcycle riders.... :think

Those who have crashed ;)

And those who will crash!! :scream:
Aug 6, 2000
First off I don't crash alot when I'm about to I seem to save it at the last possible second but 99% of my crashes are just wipe outswhere no damage is done, I only had one crash where I bent my bars and shift lever, another one where I flipped my friends quad (lots of dirtrash from that one), and when I hit a tree 2nd gear wide open and I landed on my "package" and hurt everypart of my body but the most damage to my lower back, shoulder, and the "package".

If you where all your gear you'll escape 99% of all crashes with little injury


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Oct 23, 2000
Two kinds of crop dusters...

those that have crashed and those that are going to. Same way with dirtbikers. I've ridden for 25 years. I've broken my wrist, ribs and seperated my shoulder plus many other minor injuries. I still ride and figure I'll hurt myself again someday, I just hope it's not a broken bone.


Oct 17, 2000
You gotta crash.

How else are you going to find you limits and discover what needs work? I'm 38 now and can stand in front of the mirror and see several spots sticking out here and there that shouldn't be sticking out. Several concussions, broken bones and torn ligaments - Its all part of the sport. Just make sure you spend the money to buy good quality protective gear.


Dec 31, 1969
I'd like to say I simply crash, but most of my crashes are complex.

Last big one was 3 years ago, broke a bone in my wrist/hand. 8-10 weeks before it started feelingh close to right. Perm. bump there now :(

Ride a dirtbike and you will have a get-off from time to time. Rich Rohrich's last face plant was awesome... knocked the mouth piece right off his new Moto-7, LOL. Good thing he doesn't have a neck.


Apr 2, 2001
If you dont crash big once in a while then your not pushing your self hard enough. The other day I was racing my friend down this huge muddy downhill, and yep >4th gear tapped and i ate mud. Last night i was hitting this one jump at this new riding spot i went to and I just about biffed hard. I did an accidental whip and it stayed that way until i landed.Also yesterday at a different riding spot i was flying up a hill(really steep) i'd never been up before and i kissed the 2 foot bank on the side in 3rd gear, and bent my rad(now it leaks:( ) and scratched the crap out of my plastics. When i crash my bike is the one that takes the punishment. Crashing is all part of the fun:p


Jul 2, 2001
It seem that this year I've tasted more dirt than usual but I have yet to walk away with more than a bruise. I think that by practicing my tuck and roll technique it has saved me many times. My recent crash was given a 9.0 by a friend who was watching. If only I practiced my corners as much as my crashing I'd be some kinda champion now!!


Oct 17, 2000
Good point

Good point practicing the tuck and roll. I practice crashing my mtb :eek: all the time. Pushing close to 40 I also need to strech to be flexible. I don't bend as well as I used too.


Jan 10, 2001
I rarely crash going more than 10 m.p.h. Granted i race harescrambles. I always dump or fly off in a 1st or 2nd gear situation that i cant stay balanced and usually just tip over or wash out. Just don't push it unless you really need to, i go as fast as i can without crashing, my riding has a fine barrier between asking to crash and having fun.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Like I've told the guys at work:

"Only person who makes no mistakes, is the one who isn't doing anything!"


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Apr 21, 2000
I've crashed so many times... I couldn't even begin to count!

Up until this year - I had a bad habit of laying the bike over in corners - nice thing is ya just pick it up and get going again - no harm done :)

The more nasty crashes have happened in other ways (in the start - super scary!!, on jumps, in whoops/rythm sections...) and have resulted in a broken collarbone, crutches for a few days, many broken bike parts, ugly scars, minor concussions, etc...

And my closest friends who ride have had their fair share of injuries too - Red (broken collarbone & been to doctor/hospital for concussions, back, wrist, tail bone, knee); Chewy (2 broken wrists at the same time); Chelsi (currently broken leg in 2 spots - had major surgery at Lorettas on it - her foot was "hanging" off of her leg and a broken foot and healing broken hand, many broken collarbones in the past, knee surgeries...); Joel (awaiting knee surgery - torn ACL a few months back - many broken collarbones); Johnny (broken legs, arm, toes...) and the list goes on...



Sep 5, 2000
you will crash sooner or later.I crash at least once every time I ride
I haven't been seriosly hurt.when I crash I just grit my teeth and hold on for the ride:p


Jan 5, 2001
I noticed that on a dirtbike when i crash it doesnt hurt, falling and going head over heels and having a dirtbike land on you sounds like it hurts a lot! But in fact you just dont feel it, at least i didnt . Ive never broken any bones but i have had big gashes and black and blues. After the over-the-bars-and-dirtbike-landing-on-me crash i had big black and blue marks up and down my bike, no pain. :think
Falling off bicycles while dirt jumping always hurts like a mother trucker, dirt jumping bicycles isnt a thrill for me and it hurts a lot worse then falling off a dirtbike. :think
Get a full set of gear (anything but o'neal elements) and it'll hurt a lot less when you fall. The only prob i have is late in a moto if i fall the bike seems like it weighs twice what it did before i started the race.


Nov 4, 2000
I crashed

into a front end loader last year, but that was not my fault - the bones still broke regardless. Other than that most crashes I just try and minimize the damage to self and bike. I probably crash every 4th ride, and 95% of the time it is a low side. I believe if you don't ride too far over your head for too long you can end up with more bruises and s-berries, and not as many broken bones.

But yes, I would say it is impossible to not crash and have some kind of fun or skill improvement.


Mar 25, 2001
Watch the PROS!!!

Everytime you see a pro crash they hang onto the bike as long as they can or until they are bucked off. This minimizes damge to the body by letting the bike take the brunt of the crash.

A couple years ago they put this huge uphill ski jump at our local track and I saw a few guys getting a longer run at it out of the woods and just getting huge. So, I decided to try it and the front end got way up there and I paniced and let go of the bike about 40 feet up in the air. I landed on my feet but it threw me forward and my need hit the concrete like ground on the landing area and brusied it up prety bad. Looking back on that one I am pretty sure I could have rode that one out had I just stayed on the bike and at worst case crashed at much slower speed after landing.
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