Apr 21, 2007
Looking for a little seat time review here everyone. My wife is thinking about purchasing a bike for herself, it's her first one ever. We have looked at the WR250F, CRF150R, and the CRF230F. What I request is a review from anyone who has actually been on a CRF230F for any significant period of time. Hows it ride, durability, etc....She is an absolute beginner so mellow is ok. That said, she does compete in DH mountain bike racing with me so she has the required "adrenaline addiction" ;) that this wild sport provides.

Thanks in advance for the help folks
Jan 3, 2007
Convert, i have about 30 to 40hrs time ridding it and have seen it beeing ridden all last season and this season. It holds up well to hard abuse. We have put that bike through so much i am amazed that it still even works. The suspension dose need to be re-valved if you plan on doing any bigger jumps but the stock works well in Hare scrammble situations. I would buy a CRF230F anyday. The power is not thrilling stock but once you un-cork the bike it has much more power everwhere. Also, the aftermarket support for this bike is endless and possibilitys filling a warehouse. One bigger front sproket will also help if you have it un-corked. Good luck. The bike has never had any motor work done to it.


Sep 13, 2007
my friend rides a crf230f and it is completely stock. he complains constantly about the lack of power, and he feels that a new bike is in order. he grew out of the bike (stock) in about 25 hours of ride time. i dont know about uncorking it or anything, but he was dissappointed. :bang:
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