Sep 22, 2000
Most folks have probably never heard of this battle that has been waged for 28 years in North Central Nevada between the BLM and some Aunts of an old friend of mine.


What it all boils down to is the Federal Government wants to disclaim their rights to land guaranteed by Treaty because if they prove their rights are valid then ownership of large portions of BLM Lands in Nevada rightfully belongs to the Western Shoshone. (most of these lands in question are prime gold mining areas)

When you read about "overgrazing" , just remember that catch phrase terms used to justify Waco--child abuse!

Taking their fight to the United Nations only indicates that all the
"Great" land use advocate groups are only paper tigers.

Where is the BRC in this battle?

Clark Collins----just where does the BRC stand on this?

I am sending a copy of this thread to Clark so he can respond
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